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Hello, I'm Sarah Pace!

I am an Ohio native born and raised, I graduated in 2010 from THE Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a focus on International Relations. After graduating from college, I set out to find my purpose and where I belong in this world. A few years later I decided to attend Ashland University and received my MBA in 2015. In the process of earning my MBA, I decided it was time for a change, so I moved to Jacksonville Florida (bye bye snow!). Once I arrived in Jacksonville, I continued my journey to find my purpose and trying many different career paths, the most rewarding one was teaching middle school English for awhile. After realizing teaching wasn't for me, I started my Photography business while also do my Rodan + Fields Skincare business on the side. After about a year and a half I discovered photography was more fun when I was doing it for myself on my own terms. This put me back at the drawing board. After a lot of soul searching and encouragement from some amazing friends, I discovered my passion is helping others to grow their businesses through networking, marketing, and branding. I have been told I am the "connection queen" in my networking circles for my ability to connect others to those who will benefit their businesses or lives. 

I have always loved to travel and explore the world, hence the name Wanderlust. I also felt it was fitting as those who choose to work with me may be feeling a bit of the wanderlust in their own lives, especially when it comes to branding and marketing. 

I am a mom to two amazing Pomskies, Nakita and Georgia (pomsky_nakita on Instagram). I am an avid football fan who loves the Buckeyes and Jaguars, and basically everything else that comes with autumn. I love to volunteer, especially with our veteran community. I will soon be on the board for the Hope4Veterans Organization as their marketing and social media manager. 

That's enough about me, I can't wait to learn more about you and how I can help you achieve your vision!

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B.A. - Political Science/ International Relations - 2010


MBA - 2015

Meet The Team


Chief of Squirrel Patrol

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Nakita is the oldest of the two sisters, she was brought home by her momma in August of 2017, when she was just over 2 months old. Nakita was a shy dog at first who would always shake when someone picked her up. As she got older her shyness went away and now she runs any play environment (in a good way). She is 25 pounds of fluff, sass, and love, rolled into one amazing pup who instantly steals the hearts of all who come in contact with her. 

She loves any and all animals and believes anything that moves has to play with her, whether human or animal. She can usually be found laying by the window or out on the patio watching the world go by and protecting the house from any squirrels or dogs who get too close to her yard.


Chief of Toy Inspection

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Georgia is the baby of the family and she is not shy about reminding everyone of that fact. She can usually be found playing with her toys, eating a treat, running around the house, or sleeping in the weirdest positions. Whenever she gets the chance, she can be found in the water; whether swimming in the lake or a pool, or just playing in the tubs at the dog park. She became a momma to three pups (two boys, and a girl named Quinn who is definitely her momma's mini me) before officially being retired from the breeding program to live her best life with Sarah and Nakita.

Georgia was named our Chief of Toy Inspection for her love of all different toys (bonus if they squeak), mixed with her ability to discover a toy's durability within the first hour of playing with it. She is a sweet little love bug who enjoys snuggling with her momma and grandma, playing in the snow when she's in Ohio, and swimming any chance she gets.

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